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Why are truck rollovers so dangerous?

Most of us have driven past a harrowing accident at some point. Some of the most frightening ones involve large trucks. The sheer size of semis, as well as the speed these trucks attain on the freeways, can result in devastating accidents. You and other Georgia residents may want to know the details on rollover accidents, which can be especially dangerous in multi-vehicle situations.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration explains that truck rollovers are often the result of truck driver error, although numerous factors can result in a truck tipping or rolling. What exactly is a truck rollover, you may wonder? These are situations in which a truck loses control and either topples onto its side or rolls several times. Truck rollovers are particularly dangerous because other vehicles can be crushed if they happen to be in the path of a tipping truck. Vehicles driving behind a truck that has rolled can also be caught in a chain reaction crash.

5 types of medical malpractice you need to know

Doctors might have to attend several years of medical school and go through countless hours of training before they can practice. But, this doesn't mean that they are immune from making mistakes. Doctors get tired. They work excessive amounts of hours in highly stressful situations. And all too often, they make mistakes that can change their patients' lives in unexpected and unwanted days. Sometimes, their mistakes result in injuries or even death.

Handling the news that you have been misdiagnosed

There is not much else as devastating as being told by your health care provider that cancer has been detected in your body. However, imagine hearing soon after that the crippling news you originally received was actually a misdiagnosis and your condition is not as severe as before. At Webb & Taylor, LLC Attorneys at Law, we have helped many patients in Georgia through complicated situations involving misdiagnoses. 

Processing the shocking news that you have cancer is going to require time and will probably leave you fumbling through your emotions as you struggle to make sense of what is happening. To turn around and hear that the original diagnosis was, in fact, incorrect, could leave you reeling. Mixed emotions where you are feeling gratitude that your situation is not as dire, but also upset that you had to face such serious emotional trauma for a seemingly pointless meaning can leave you feeling exhausted and confused. 

Common blood pressure drug may increase cardiac arrest risk

A preliminary study concludes that a drug that doctors commonly prescribe to treat angina and blood pressure might increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest. A recent study looked at the risk factors behind cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart stops pumping blood around the body.

Doctors may overlook breast cancer risk in younger women

Thanks to pink ribbon advocacy and media calls for monthly self examinations, many Americans are aware of the risk that breast cancer creates for women. In fact, many people also understand that men can wind up diagnosed with breast cancer through a variety of circumstances. That awareness means that people seek care and treatment at higher rates.

Awareness, along with better treatment options, has improved survival odds for the women diagnosed with this cancer. However, many people still consider breast cancer to be an issue that faces women after they pass standard childbearing age. The truth is that women in their 20s and 30s can also develop aggressive forms of breast cancer.

What is a reasonable alternative design?

In some scenarios concerning product liability in Georgia, an individual suffers injury due to a defective product. The attorney for the injured party claims a defective design was the culprit and will argue that the company which made the product is liable because the company could have adopted a reasonable alternative design. It is helpful to understand what a reasonable alternative design is since it may conclusively show that a company was negligent in producing a defective product.

FindLaw explains that one reason products can harm a user is because the design was defective. This is not the same as a manufacturer committing errors that deviate from an otherwise safe design. Rather, the problem is with the design of the product itself. So if someone gets hurt while using the product, the company can be held liable because it used an unsafe manufacturing design.  

How does a brain injury affect crash victims?

Georgian residents who get into car crashes have a chance of suffering from a brain injury. Depending on what caused that injury and how severe it is, you could find your health and overall quality of life impacted for weeks, months, or even years to come.

First, we'll take a look at traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) defines TBIs as being different from milder brain injuries because they have a stronger impact on the sufferer. Potential hurdles may include:

  • A longer recovery period
  • A higher chance of needing therapy to recover
  • The possibility of surgical intervention
  • The chance that the prior quality of life may never be fully restored

Can patients be completely safe from medication errors?

Hospitals and medical clinics in Georgia are just as susceptible to medication errors are those throughout the rest of the country. A medication error occurs when a patient is given the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of a medication by a medical professional. Because patients often rely on pharmacists, doctors and nurses to provide the correct medication, they may not know to watch for a problem.

According to the Mayo Clinic, medication errors are most commonly caused by the following:

  •          Medications that look similar
  •          Drug names that sound similar
  •          Poor communication between the doctor and the patient
  •          Poor communication between the doctors in charge of treatment
  •          Medical abbreviations

Why is distracted driving so dangerous?

It's the responsibility of all motorists in Georgia to ensure the safety of all who share the road. This entails following traffic laws, driving the speed limit, and limiting distractions in your vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains the dangers of distracted driving and what you can do to prevent a serious accident from occurring.

While texting and driving is the most notable example, any activity that takes your attention away from the task at hand counts as a driving distraction. For instance, carrying on a conversation with passengers is considered a distraction, as your mind will not be fully focused on the road. Adjusting your GPS or radio, or eating while driving is also dangerous, particularly because they involve removing your hands from the wheel.

Why Diabetes Drugs Cost So Much--and What Can Be Done About It

Patents and pharmacy benefit managers are part of the reason diabetes medication prices keep going up. Almost everyone seems to agree that prescription drug prices are too high. On Monday, House Democrats announced they have begun an investigation into the pricing practices of the pharmaceutical industry. This came less than a week after Democratic leaders unveiled a multi-pronged legislative effort to reduce drug prices. For his part, President Donald Trump last year introduced his plan to deal with what he called the "unfair practices" of the drug companies. The cost of prescription medication can be burdensome to even people who take drugs occasionally or for short periods of time. The impact, however, can unrelenting for people with diabetes who must take medication every day to keep their disease in check. Here's a look at two of the drugs that can break the bank for people with diabetes and how these medications got to be so expensive.
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