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Traffic accidents and the risk of miscarriage

There are many ways in which a motor vehicle collision may shatter someone's life, whether they break a bone or suffer from financial consequences resulting from the crash. However, auto accidents are especially concerning for those who are pregnant. Sadly, many pregnant women have passed away in traffic accidents, and some have also had a miscarriage as a result of the collision. If you recently suffered a miscarriage because of an accident, or your partner had a miscarriage that you believe was brought on by an accident, you may be dealing with unimaginable pain.

Every car crash is different, but some are especially severe. For example, when someone is hit by a drunk driver who is traveling at high speeds, the likelihood of a victim sustaining an injury (or having a miscarriage, if they are pregnant) is especially high. However, it is important to point out that even minor car accidents can result in miscarriage and many other hardships for those involved. Moreover, car accidents of any type can lead to high levels of stress and other challenges that can be very difficult for someone when they are pregnant.

More Young Adults Getting Colorectal Cancer, Dying From It

Heather Blackburn-Beel was 38 years old when she died from colon cancer, an example of a troubling rise of the cancer's incidence in young adults. Heather's death is part of a concerning trend: More young adults are being diagnosed with this type of cancer, and more are dying from it. Read the full article here.

Being too reliant on mammograms could mean missing breast cancer

Breast cancer is a noteworthy cause of death among women and also one of the more common forms of cancer. Early detection plays a key role in connecting those with breast cancer with treatments. Although anyone can develop breast cancer, women over the age of 30 are at the highest level of risk. Preventative care and routine doctor visits can help women safeguard their health.

Women should absolutely see medical professionals for annual screenings, including breast cancer screening and cervical cancer screening through a gynecologist. General practitioners can typically handle most forms of breast cancer screening. However, they may also rely too heavily on certain diagnostic techniques that may leave their patients vulnerable.

What must you prove in a medical malpractice case?

Should a Georgia health care professional commit a medical error that leaves you injured or ill, you have the right to sue him or her and the facility for which (s)he works for medical malpractice. Unfortunately, preventable medical errors today represent the third leading cause of death in America.

You need to know, however, that a medical malpractice suit usually constitutes one of the most difficult types of case to win. You must present clear and convincing evidence in court of several things.

When are drowsy driving accidents most likely?

Drowsy driving is very dangerous, and this risk factor is particularly concerning for various reasons. For example, some people do not realize that they are too tired to drive safely, while others may push themselves to operate a vehicle even though they are struggling to stay awake due to sleep loss or some other factor. When a driver falls asleep on the road or fails to drive properly because of their fatigue, they may cause a serious crash which claims an innocent life or results in devastating injuries. It is important for drivers to be aware of certain times when drowsy driving wrecks are especially common and watch out for other drivers who may be suffering from fatigue.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers insight into drowsy driving accidents and various risk factors associated with this behavior. According to the NHTSA, these collisions are most likely to happen during the late afternoon and from midnight to 6 a.m. Moreover, the NHTSA points out that these collisions frequently take place on rural roads and highways. However, it is imperative to bear in mind that a drowsy driving accident can occur during any time of the day (or night).

The CPSC provides a current list of dangerous products

At Webb & Taylor, LLC, in Georgia, we routinely see the news media reports on major manufacturer recalls for products such as airbags and medical devices. However, you should know that the list of defective and dangerous products is much, much longer. In fact, the dangers of some products are serious enough that the federal government publishes up-to-date information about them. 

You will find the list of recalls on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website. Here are some of the most recent hazards. 

  • Recreational vehicles: In certain Polaris vehicles, crashes can occur due to incorrect wiring that may cause them to accelerate unexpectedly. Another off-highway vehicle by the same company is recalled due to possible brake failures. Both of these faulty products pose significant crash risks.
  • Light fixtures: A small number of Generation Brand light fixtures can come loose from the electrical cords that they are suspended from and strike and injure someone standing beneath them.
  • Riding lawnmowers: Excel Industries is offering repairs on Zero-Turn mowers because there is a wire that may cause damage to the fuel line, which creates a serious fire risk.

How to Talk to Your Doctors When They Don't Listen

A recent study found that 75% of doctors believed that they communicated satisfactorilywith those in their care. Only 21% of the people treated by those doctors said that theirtalks went well. Somewhere, there's a disconnect. That can be devastating. The more you and your doctor talk with each other -- really, really talk -- the better the chance you'll feel better. Read the full article Talking to Your Doctor_ How to Make Yourself Heard.pdf for tips on effective communication with your healthcare providers.

How deadly are road construction zones for workers?

As Georgia highways and roads are updated and repaired, drivers must adjust their speed, habits and routes to accommodate workers. If drivers ignore work zones and their limits, the results can be tragic. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, there were over 27,000 crashes in work zones in 2018 and since 1973, 60 road workers have lost their lives while on the job. Drivers must be extremely aware and alert while driving through work zones and implement extra safety measures to keep the road safe.

Many accidents are caused by distracted driving and work zones are no exception. When in work zones, drivers must stay alert and minimize distractions. Your full attention should be on the road in front of you and construction zones are the wrong areas to use your phone, eat or change the radio station.

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